About Us

Experience You Can Count On

KATS  Management Group, Inc., founded in 1994, is a full-service, sales  outsourcing firm specializing in expanding market share for businesses  ranging from start-ups all the way to larger, enterprise level clients.

With  over 55 years of combined sales and management experience, our  executive team has worked with numerous firms to enhance profits by  recruiting, training, and managing personnel, building sales programs  and solution-based business models, and closing deals.  

Our  sales force is strictly dedicated to you and “branded” so that  customers view our reps as extensions of your brand rather than KMG.   Through market research, inside and outside sales, and sales management  we are committed to improving the sales process, increasing sales  productivity, and reducing the overall costs associated with sales and  distribution for our clients.


KMG  is unlike any other sales outsourcing firm in that we have exclusive  channel partners in the industries we serve: Advertising, Finance, and  Technology. We have a marketing and sales plan that puts your company’s  name and solutions in front of thousands of our channel partners’  existing customers. Leveraging our relationships brings instant  credibility and growth to your products and solutions while at the same  time saves your company valuable time (typically spent on hiring and  training new reps) and money (typically spent on insurance and employee  benefits). 

The KMG business model is based on the following elements: 

  • Market Research and Analysis – KMG focuses on determining your ideal target market(s), competition,  and best sales practices to gain a competitive advantage for your  solutions. 
  • Product/Solution Development –  KMG’s experience with product development and relationships with  manufacturers allows our clients to cut down on costs while still  maintaining quality and integrity of their solutions. Our niche is  solution-based selling and we actively work with our customers to sell a  solution, not just a product.
  • Sales Process and Management – KMG builds on your successes by molding existing KMG processes to  your specific sales environment and marketplace. Whether you contract us  as your entire sales force or we work alongside your team, we’re here  from cold call to after the sale. We’ll even attend conferences on your  behalf and set up everything ourselves.

KMG's  salesforce consist of a team of professionals with a proven track  record of successful growth.  We understand the entire sales process  from prospecting to service after the sale. 

Our operations team is the "pulse" of KMG.  These are our trainers, IT,  administrators, finance, and other operations specialists which allow  for the actual sales work to be done in a consistent, replicable, and  scalable way.